divi pixel cyber monday sale

Divi Pixel Cyber Monday Sale 2022 | Get 30% Off

Divi Pixel Cyber Monday Sale is Live.

Divi Pixel Cyber Monday Sale Summary (Coming Soon)

Get 30% Off on Divi Pixel on all plans. The sale ends on 3rd Dec 2021.

Divi Pixel Cyber Monday Sale Details

divi pixel cyber monday sale

Divi Pixel is available at a 30% discount on the Divi-Pixel website. The sale ends on 3rd Dec 2021. Don’t hesitate to try out the Divi Pixel because there is also a 14-day money-back guarantee. Now coming to the pricing of the Divi Pixel plugin.

There are 4 plans of Divi Pixel Membership- Single, Plus, Ultimate, and Lifetime License. Below is the list of the regular prices and Cyber Monday Sale prices.


  • Regular Price: 49 Euros/year
  • Cyber Monday Price: 35 Euros/year
  • 1 website
  • 1-year of support and updates


  • Regular Price: 99 Euros/year
  • Cyber Monday Price: 69 Euros/year
  • 3 website
  • 1 year of support and updates


  • Regular Price: 149 Euros/year
  • Cyber Monday Price: 99 Euros/year
  • Unlimited websites
  • 1 year of support and updates

Lifetime License

  • Regular Price: 399 Euros/year
  • Cyber Monday Price: 279 Euros/year
  • Unlimited websites
  • Lifetime support and updates

How to Get Divi Pixel Cyber Monday Sale

Step 1: Click on this link. You will be directed to the website of Divi Pixel.

divi pixel cyber monday sale

Step 2: Click on Pricing in the upper right corner. The Cyber Monday Sale page will appear. Scroll down and you will see all the plans of Divi Pixel. Select any of the plans and click Buy Now.

divi pixel cyber monday sale pricing

Step 3: On the Checkout page, select your Payment Method. Fill in your Details and Billing Details. Then click on Purchase and complete the payment.

Congrats, you have successfully availed the benefit of the Divi Pixel Cyber Monday Sale.

About Divi Pixel

Divi Pixel is a third-party Divi Plugin for Divi Theme. There are various third-party developers for the Divi Theme. These plugins help extend the functionality of the Divi Theme and Page Builder.

Divi Pixel is an addon for Divi’s visual drag and drop website page builder. Divi Pixel adds 34 extra modules for Divi Page Builder. These modules aren’t available in Divi Page Builder.

Custom Modules

Modules such as Carousel, Before and After, Masonry Gallery and Reading Progress Bar aren’t readily available in default Divi Page Builder. This is where Divi Pixel comes in. Divi Pixel adds 32 such modules to the existing Divi Page Builder which helps extend the functionality of your Divi Page Builder.

Examples of some of the modules:

Dual Heading

With the Divi Pixel Dual Heading module, we can create a range of different text design layouts. The module allows you to add 1st heading text, 2nd heading text, and background text. All these texts can be customized individually. You can create stroked text, add a background image to the text which can be clipped to the text, add background animation, and finally add a reveal text effect. More Dual Heading Examples.

Image Mask

Image Mask module allows you to display images wrapped into the mask. It offers 40 predefined masks that can be used on your Divi website straight away, but also the option to upload custom SVG masks. More Image Masks Examples.

Custom Settings

Divi Pixel adds hundreds of custom options and many powerful modules to your Divi website. It allows you to customize headers, footers, login pages, back-to-top buttons, upload custom map markers, SVG images, and much, much more.

Customize blog archive and category pages using Divi Pixel settings. Add stunning hover effects, related articles sections, author boxes, post navigation, and more using the Divi Pixel plugin.

Divi Pixel allows users to customize the mobile menu. Simply enable the desired options, customize the hamburger icon, add animations, mobile menu buttons, and more! Things like Custom Breakpoints, Change logo on mobiles, etc are some of the features for the mobile menu on Divi Pixel customization.

Free Layout Packs

Divi Pixel has 12 free website layouts for Divi Pixel customers. The layouts consist of business website layout, repair services, agency services, restaurant, beauty, and healthcare.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Divi Pixel has a 14-day money-back guarantee. This removes the hesitation to try out the plugin.

So grab the opportunity to avail the discount on Divi Pixel Cyber Monday Sale.






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