divi cyber monday deals

Divi Cyber Monday Deals 2023 | Get 25% off + Free Divi Product

The wait is over! Divi Cyber Monday Deals will be coming soon. This is your time to grab this once-in-a-year deal. This is the only time of the year that Elegant Themes offers the biggest discount ever on the Divi theme. Plus everyone who buys Divi early gets the bonus prize, some of which are even more costly than Divi Membership itself. Once the deal is over, it won’t be back for a whole year.

Divi Cyber Monday Deals Summary (Coming Soon)

  • Get flat 25% off on Annual and Lifetime Membership plans on Divi Theme. Also, get free Divi products as a bonus prize in this Divi Cyber Monday Deals.
  • Hurry up, because the free prizes are limited. Grab the opportunity before it expires.
  • Exclusive discounts on various Divi Products such as Divi Plugins/Extensions, Divi Child Themes, and Divi Layouts on Elegant Themes Marketplace. Up to 50%.

Cyber Monday Validity: 29 Nov – 28 Dec 2023

Divi Cyber Monday Deals Details

divi cyber monday deals

Divi Cyber Monday Deals are live on their website. This is the best time to buy the Divi Theme for 4 reasons.

1. 25% off on Divi Membership

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the only time of the year that Elegant themes offer their biggest discount of the year. So if the deal is gone then the discount is gone for the whole year.

In this Elegant Themes Cyber Monday Deals, Divi Theme is available at a 25% discount.

Divi Lifetime Plan

  • Price: $187 (25% Off)
  • Regular Price: $249

Divi Annual Plan

  • Price: $67/year (25% Off)
  • Regular Price: $89/year

2. Exclusive Pre-made Headers, Footers, WooCommerce Templates & Layouts

Pre-made website layouts are a big help when designing the website. Because the templates are ready-made and you just have to import the layout and maybe tweak some changes if necessary. This helps in building websites faster and also helps someone who doesn’t have a web design background.

Divi Layouts are also very professional and look beautiful. Divi already has 800+ pre-made layout designs and 100+ full website packs inside the Divi Theme.

But in this Elegant Themes Cyber Monday deals, they are offering their Lifetime members exclusive Divi Theme Builder Templates and Divi Layouts that aren’t available anywhere. These include beautifully-designed custom headers, footers, post templates, product templates, cart templates, checkout templates, and more that you can use right out of the box! Once the sale is over, these packs will disappear forever!

These layouts are only available to their Lifetime Members. The layouts are also available for current Lifetime members as well.

If you are an annual member and looking to upgrade to a Lifetime membership then this is the best time as Divi Theme is available at a 25% discount. Once the sale is over then this pack disappears forever.

Check out the exclusive layouts by clicking on this link.

3. Get a Free Product from the Divi Marketplace

Yep, that’s right. The Elegant Themes is giving away free prizes to everyone who takes advantage of Cyber Monday early on. So whoever buys right now will not only get a Divi membership, they will also walk away with a product from the Divi Marketplace, completely free! 

These free prizes sell very quickly. So, claim your free prize before it’s gone. The free prizes include Divi Products like Divi Plugins, Divi Child Themes, and Layouts. Most of the Freebies include some of the Best-Selling Divi Plugins that cost more than Divi Membership itself.

The Free prizes are available only for the first 11,000 people who purchase Divi Theme Membership. Freebies like Divi Plus, Divi Essential, and Divi Overlays are already sold out. There are 35 freebies available in this Divi Cyber Monday Sale.

Now you might be wondering, how you’ll get the freebies and which one of the 35 Divi Products will you get. The way these freebies are distributed- what product you’ll get depends on when you purchase the Divi Membership.

For example- the first 250 customers who purchase the Divi Theme Membership will get the Divi Plus plugin. Then 250-550 will get the Divi overlays and so on. Therefore, the Divi Product you get depends on when you purchased the Divi Membership.

Below is the list of all the 35 Freebies along with the number of customers.

Divi ProductsNumber of Customers
Divi Plus0-250
Divi Overlays251-550
Divi Den Pro551-750
Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle.751-950
Divi Module Builder951-1350
Divi Essential1351-1650
Divi Supreme Pro1651-2050
Consulting Divi Theme2051-2450
Divi Toolbox2451-2750
Divi Mega Menu2751-3150
Divi Ecommerce3151-3550
Divi Gravity Forms3951-4150
Table Maker4451-4750
Divi Responsive Helper4951-5350
Divi Blog Pro5351-5550
Divi Headers Pack5551-5800
Molti Ecommerce5801-6100
Fashion, Divi Ecommerce Theme6101-6300
Divi Carousel Module 2.06301-6600
Divi MadMenu6601-7000
Divi Image Hover7001-7300
DiviWP Footer Pack7301-7500
Blog 45 – Divi Blog Module Bundle7501-7700
Divi WooCommerce Extended7701-8100
Divi Mega Menu Pro8101-8400
Divi Event Manager Plugin8401-8800
Image Effect Pro8801-9200
TablePress Styler10,001-10,200
Divi Footers Pack10,201-10,600
Divi Blog Extras10,601-11,000

4. Exclusive Divi Products Deals on Divi Marketplace.

In this Elegant Themes Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals, Elegant Themes is not only giving discounts on Divi Theme Membership but also on the various Divi Products available in Elegant Themes Marketplace. Elegant Themes is giving up to 50% off on various Divi Products exclusively during this Divi Cyber Monday Sale.

These deals are only available for Cyber Monday customers and current Lifetime members. These deals aren’t available for current Annual members. But if you purchase Cyber Monday Annual Membership then you can enjoy the discounts on various Divi Products.

These deals aren’t available anywhere else except for Elegant Themed Marketplace. There are various Divi Products available in the Divi Marketplace such as Divi Plugins/Extensions, Divi Child Themes, and Divi Layouts/Templates.

Various third-party Divi Developers sell their items on Divi Marketplace. These Divi Cyber Monday Deals also include the products of various Best-Selling Divi Developers like Divi Extended, DiviLife, Divi Gear, etc. on sale.

So grab the Divi Membership and get exclusive deals on various Best-Selling Divi Plugins, Divi Child Themes, and Divi Layouts.

How to Get Divi Cyber Monday Deals

Step 1: Click this link and you will be redirected to the Divi Cyber Monday Deals Page.

divi cyber monday deals

Step 2: Select your plan and click Sign Up Today.

divi cyber monday deals pricing

Step 3: Create your Account by filling out the Registration Form. Accept the Terms of Service. Then click on Complete Registration.

divi registration page

Congrats, you have finally taken advantage of the Divi Cyber Monday Sale.

About Divi Theme

Divi theme is one of the most popular WordPress themes on the market. It is a premium theme by Elegant Themes that was launched in 2013.

It is a multipurpose theme that’s been hugely popular on the WordPress market. What Divi Theme offers is nothing short of amazing. It allows you to build multiple types of websites. You can start a simple blog, create an e-commerce shop, business websites, corporate websites, etc.

Divi comes with its own drag-and-drop visual Page Builder. You also get 100+ pre-made websites and 800+ layouts and templates to play with. These websites are very professionally built and you can easily import them on your website.

Why Choose Divi Theme

Divi theme is one of the most beautiful themes on the market. If you have good design skills, you can build pretty much any website.

Even if you don’t know how to code, there are various third-party Divi Developers who have their own products for Divi Theme. It makes building websites easier for people who don’t have an IT background.

Divi theme is for everyone-

  • Freelancers can use it to create websites for their clients. Divi is a multipurpose theme so you can build pretty much any website thanks to Divi Page Builder.
  • Agencies can build websites faster and more efficiently. You can build unlimited websites by using a single Divi Lifetime membership.
  • It is also beneficial for someone who is a beginner. The visual drag-and-drop builder and 100s of pre-made designs make it easier for everyone to create beautiful websites.

There are several reasons to choose the Divi Theme.

Visual Page Builder

Divi Theme has its own drag-and-drop visual page builder. There are 63 modules present in the default Divi Page Builder including 16 WooCommerce modules. Modules are the website elements like buttons, sliders, contact forms, accordions, images, etc.

Just drag and drop these elements on your website and build websites. You don’t need to have any coding or IT background for this. It is so easy to build websites at this time. WordPress themes are getting more beginner-friendly to serve customers who want to learn website building but don’t have any website development background.

Divi Visual Page Builder is very beginner-friendly.

Big Library of Pre-made Layouts

Divi has a collection of 100+ pre-made complete websites that can be imported with just a few clicks. If we look at the 100+ website web pages individually, then we get more than 800+ layouts and templates.

This is a massive collection of templates for design inspiration.

Divi Theme Communities

Divi Theme has a very big community on various social media, forums, etc. There are various Facebook pages where Divi users hang out.

These groups help each other with various doubts and answer various questions. So if you are new to Divi or if you need some help with the Divi theme then you can rely on these groups, forums, and even YouTube tutorials.

Third-Party Divi Developers

Divi Theme has such a big user base that there are several third-party Divi developers who build products just for Divi Theme. These products include Divi Plugins, Divi Child Themes, and Divi Layouts/Templates.

These third-party Divi products have been used by many people. Best-selling Divi plugins such as Divi Supreme and Divi Switch have been downloaded more than 100,000+ times.

These third-party products help extend the functionality of the Divi theme. This gives users more flexibility on the front end to design the elements that are only possible with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery.

Exclusive Elegant Themes Marketplace

Elegant Themes has a marketplace where third-party Divi developers sell their products. But the marketplace isn’t accessible to all. You can download Divi products from Divi Marketplace only if you have purchased the Elegant Themes Membership.

Elegant Themes Marketplace has a vast collection of Divi Plugins, Child Themes, and Layouts.

Check out the Elegant Themes Marketplace.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Elegant Themes offers no-questions-asked refunds to all customers. If you are not satisfied with the product then simply send them an email and your money will be refunded.

You have enough time to try Divi Theme. But even if after all the above benefits you didn’t like the product then you can ask for a refund within 30 days.






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