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10 Best-Selling Divi Plugins and Extensions (2023)

Divi has a very big community of Divi Developers who build products exclusively for Divi Theme users. But the problem is that Divi never had one marketplace where people could find all their products in one place and make purchasing decisions.

We have to go to individual developers’ websites to purchase different products. But now we have marketplaces where we can go and shop for Divi products such as Divicake and Elegant Themes Marketplace.

These marketplaces have given third-party developers a platform to sell their products to the Divi community.

On the official Divi Marketplace (Elegant Themes), more than 130+ plugins are listed on Elegant Themes Marketplace.

10 Best-Selling Divi Plugins and Extensions

The Best-Selling Plugin has more than 9600+ sales and the worst has 0 sales.

Top 10 Best-Selling Divi Plugins have more than 35,000+ sales just on Elegant Themes Marketplace which are actually massive numbers considering we are only talking about Divi and not whole WordPress. The number will only increase because it has only been over one year since the Elegant Themes Marketplace was launched in August 2020.

Below is the list of the top 10 best-selling Divi plugins

Divi Supreme Pro

divi supreme pro- best-selling divi plugins

Divi Supreme Pro is a custom module and extension plugin. It is the number one best-selling Divi plugin on Elegant Themes Marketplace. Trusted by over 100,000+ Divi Website Owners, Divi Supreme Pro remains one of the most recommended plugins for the Divi community.

Divi Supreme Pro has

  • 50+ Modules
  • 7 Extensions
  • 10+ Premium Divi Layouts

By default, you get 63 drag and drop Modules in Divi Builder including 16 WooCommerce, to help you build websites with ease.

After installing Divi Supreme Pro, you will get 50+ Extra Drag and Drop Modules in your Divi Page Builder. This helps because you don’t have to learn JQuery, Javascript, and CSS to implement some of the designs that might not be possible with Page Builder and without coding knowledge.

Divi Switch

divi switch by

Divi Switch is a customization plugin by DiviSpace. It is one of the best-selling Divi plugins. Although it doesn’t have a lot of sales on Elegant Themes Marketplace, it is still one of the most downloaded Divi Plugin. It has been downloaded more than 100,000+ times.

Divi Switch has 50+ Addons for Divi to simplify your design process. You can customize Header, Footer, set the custom mobile and tablet breakpoints, text sliding animations, images, and video slider animations, etc.

Divi Switch basically enhances your theme customizer options and gives you more control over your website design.

Divi Essential

divi essential

Divi Essential is another custom Divi Module Plugin by Divi Next. Divi Next actually has a wide range of products. They are one of the best Divi Developers on the market. Downloaded more than 50,000+ times makes Divi Essential one of the best-selling Divi plugins on the market.

Divi Essential has 64+ Modules and 600+ Layouts.

Just like Divi Supreme Pro, Divi Essential adds various modules to the existing Divi Page Builder.

Divi Essential has various

  • Slider Modules like Divi Logo Carousel, Divi Gallery Slider, etc.
  • Image Modules like Divi Accordion Image, Divi Before and After, Divi Masonry, Divi Icon Effect, etc.
  • Content Modules like Flipbox, 3D Cube Slider, Glitch Text, Gradient Text, etc.
  • Social Media Modules like Divi Facebook Like, Divi Twitter Timeline, Facebook Embedded Video, etc.
  • Team Modules like Divi Team Member Overlay, Divi Next Person, etc.

Divi Essential Plugin also has 500+ Layouts which includes:

  • 50+ Header Layouts
  • 50+ Footer Layouts
  • 50+ 404 Layouts

And Many More Layouts

Divi Booster

divi booster

Divi Booster is also a customization plugin. Divi Booster has been one of the most recommended Divi plugins. It has been downloaded more than 25,000+ times which makes it one of the best-selling Divi plugins.

It adds 100s of new configuration options to the Divi theme.

  • Change the height of the header
  • Stop header from shrinking
  • Make Sidebar Collapsible
  • Add an image before the header
  • Set mobile content width

These are so many features of Divi Booster. View the complete list by clicking View Plugin below.

Divi Carousel Module 2.0

divi carousel module 2.0

Divi Carousel Module is a Carousel Plugin for the Divi theme. You can create images, persons, testimonials, and logo carousel. Divi Carousel.

Divi Carousel Module has been downloaded by more than 10,000+ people. There are actually very beautiful carousels that you can create using Divi Carousel Module.

There are various types of carousel that you can create with Divi Carousel Module 2.0

  • Regular Content Carousel
  • Divi Image Carousel
  • Divi Testimonial Carousel
  • Divi Team or Person Carousel
  • Divi Logo Carousel

Divi Events Calendar

divi events calendar

Integrating Divi and the Events Calendar Plugin.

This bestselling Divi Events Calendar plugin adds custom Divi modules that allow you to display, customize, and style events from The Events Calendar in the Divi Visual Builder. This is the only way to integrate Divi and The Events Calendar with custom Divi modules! If you use the popular free The Events Calendar plugin and want to show the events in Divi, then this plugin is the perfect solution for you.

Divi Events Calendar is one of the top 3 best-selling Divi plugins on the Elegant Themes Marketplace.

Note– You need the free plugin called- The Events Calendar for this to work. The plugin must be installed first before installing the Divi Events Calendar plugin. Otherwise, it won’t work.

This plugin comes with 5 custom Divi Modules to showcase events with over 253 custom content and design features.

The 5 Modules are:

Events Feed Module

Display your events in a beautiful grid or list layout. This module is very versatile with over 82 custom settings and features! Simply using the Divi settings to show, hide, customize, and style everything!

Events Calendar Module

Showcase your upcoming events in a traditional calendar view with hover cards. Customize everything you see with over 57 custom settings and features.

Events Carousel Module

This module is very similar to the Events Feed module with the addition of all the carousel slider options totaling 65 custom settings. This module is great to highlight events on any page of your Divi website.

Events Page Module

You can finally design your single event pages with the Divi Builder! This module has settings to show all of the event data however you want in a Divi layout in a Theme Builder template with a total of 49 custom settings!Events Ticket Module

This is brand new and still very basic, but it functions well. It allows you to show tickets and RSVP information when using the free Event Tickets addon from The Events Calendar with Divi. Without this module, it is impossible to who those on the event page using Divi.

Divi Table Maker

divi table maker

Table Maker brings beautiful responsive tables to the Divi Builder. Table Maker is one of the top 4 best-selling Divi plugins on the Elegant Themes marketplace.

Features of Table Maker

  • Multiple Headers and Footers
  • Column and Row Spanning
  • Icon, Button, and Image Cells
  • Accordion view for mobile
  • Scrolling with Sticky Headers

Style every part of your table from content to columns, header to footer without the shortcodes.

Tables can include as many columns and rows as you need. Set column widths and row heights using width slider. Tables can include any combination of table content, column headers, column footers, row headers, and row footers.

It’s the best Divi Table Plugin in the market. If you have use of table then this plugin is recommended.

Divi Image Hover

divi image hover

Divi Image Hover adds 250+ Subtle Image Hover Effects to the images. There are very beautiful hover effects on this plugin. Sold more than 2,100+, Divi Image Hover is one of the best-selling Divi plugins on the Elegant Themes marketplace.

There are 6 different image effects categories:

  • Classic– There are a total of 58+ image hover effects to style your image more attractive.
  • Modern Style– There are a total of 20+ hover effects which are really nice and effective for designing any kind of section on your site. All effects are effective to increase your customer interactivity.
  • Advanced Style– There are a total of 164+ hover effects. These are all advanced effects to showcase your image overlay content. You can create some amazing effects using background images on the image overlay.
  • Image Swap– Swap images are fun, easy to design and go a long way in making a site look attractive. Visitors also find this interactive and interesting.
  • Minimal Style– There are a total of 3+ hover effects. Minimal effects but more user-friendly effects to showcase your image overlay text. You can create some amazing effects using half background color on the image overlay.
  • Image Lightbox– Divi image hover plugin now gives you lightbox feature ability. You can create the lightbox feature by enabling the lightbox.

You also get 4 Amazing Free Demo Design Layouts

Divi Plus

divi plus

Divi Plus is another custom Divi Modules and Extensions plugin by Divi Extended. Divi Extended is also one of the best Divi Developers with many of their great plugins on the market. Their total plugins and child themes power over 50,000+ websites. Divi Plus is one of their best-selling Divi plugins.

Divi plus has

  • 50+ Modules
  • 4 Extensions
  • 6 Pre-built websites
  • 50+ Starter Templates
  • 250+ Pre-built section blocks such as contact section, about section, blog and carousel section, call to action section, etc

Features of Divi Plus Plugin

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Disable the modules that you don’t want to use
  • Only renders scripts on a page where a module is used

Divi Supreme Pro and Divi Plus, both are custom modules and extension plugins. Choose the modules which suit your needs and purchase accordingly.

Visit the product page and check out both the plugins feature and modules in detail.



Create stunning-looking menus Popups using DiviMenus. This plugin allows you to use your menu inside an image, use it as a button inside an image or video, create popups, etc.

You can create circular menus, Megamenus, vertical navigation, slide-in menus, dropdowns, etc.






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