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Top 5 Best Various Divi Custom Modules Plugin

If you want to build a unique website using Divi but don’t have any coding skills then Divi custom modules plugins are an excellent choice. These plugins make it easy for you to build a unique website that you can customize according to your requirements.

Just install these plugins and then drag and drop the modules present in the plugin on your Divi Theme Page Builder and start building some stunning websites.

There are a variety of custom modules/elements available, and you can use them to build unique websites. A custom Divi module is the perfect solution if you want to add a new element to your site or if you want to enhance the functionality of an existing element.

Divi custom modules are customizable and simple to use, making them ideal for anyone looking to personalize their website.

This article focuses on plugins that consist of various types of Divi custom modules. And not the plugins that are built for specific purposes such as the Divi Blog Extras plugin which is used only for blogs on the website.

Top 5 Best Divi Custom Modules Plugin

Divi Custom Modules Plugins are a great way to make your Divi site look more personalized and specific to your needs. These plugins can be used to add features like product carousels, image sliders, Flipbox, gradient text, and so much more.

If you’re looking for ways to add extra functionality or customization to your Divi site, these Divi custom modules plugins should definitely be at the top of your list. Below is the list of the top 5 Best Divi custom modules plugin available.

Divi Supreme Pro

divi supreme pro

Divi Supreme Pro is a powerful Divi Custom Modules plugin that gives you freedome and flexibility over the design of your website.

It is also the number one best-selling Divi plugin with more than 150K active installations. It is also one of the favorite Divi plugins of Elegant Themes. Divi Supreme Pro also comes with 20+ Premium Layouts which you can just import and use to build your website.

Whether you’re a beginner in web design or a seasoned developer, Divi Supreme Pro will significantly improve the quality of your design work. This plugin enhances the functionality of your Divi builder with 50+ premium modules and 8 extensions to select from.

List of various Divi Modules in Divi Supreme Pro

There are various third-party modules present in Divi Supreme Pro. The range of custom Divi modules present in Divi Supreme Pro allows you to build amazing sites.

DiviGradient TextDivi Facebook Like ButtonDivi Contact Form 7
Glitch TextImage Text RevealSupreme Price List
Business Hours ModuleAnimated Gradient TextCard Carousel
Text RotatorLottieFlipbox
Facebook FeedEmbed Google MapIcon Divider
Typing EffectShuffle LettersIcon List
Mask TextShapesBlock Reveal Image
Text NotationText DividerFacebook Comments
Text BadgesFloating Multi ImagesStar Rating
Supreme Image Carousel ModuleDual HeadingScroll Image
Supreme ButtonBlock Reveal TextSupreme Image
Facebook EmbedTwitter TimelineMenu
Image Hover RevealTilt ImageCaldera Forms
Image HotspotsDivi CardBefore After Image Slider
Like Button ModuleIcon List Masonry Gallery
BreadcrumbsContent ToggleBlog Carousel Module
Image AccordionPost CarouselSupreme Blob Shape Image Module

List of Divi Supreme Extensions

  • Popup
  • Scheduled Element
  • Responsive Viewer
  • Easy Theme Builder for Header
  • Library Shortcodes
  • Library Widget
  • Readmore Content
  • Custom Attributes

Divi Pixel

divi pixel

Divi Pixel is another Divi Custom Modules Plugin with 35+ custom-crafted modules that will enhance your Divi Builder, and provide you with so many more possibilities. It also adds hundreds of customization options to the Divi. Over 200 custom options for your website.

You may customize all of the plugin’s available custom settings by adding Divi Pixel’s custom tabs to your Theme Customizer. All of the available plugin options can be enabled and disabled using its beautiful user interface.

You can make stunning mobile menus that are adjustable by using Divi Pixel’s Mobile Menu Customizer. The mobile menu may be made full-screen, add social icons and an animated hamburger icon, and configure custom animations for menu overlays and menu elements.

General Settings

Enable and disable custom settings using the Divi Pixel user interface. Divi Pixel allows you to customize headers, footers, login pages, back-to-top buttons, upload custom map markers, SVG images, etc.

  • Custom Login Page
  • Browser Scrollbar
  • 404 Page
  • Allow SVG uploads
  • Custom Map Marker
  • Back To Top Button
  • Hide Admin Bar
  • Add Preloader
  • Change Logo on Scroll
  • Footer Customization
  • Header and Navigation
  • Add Button To Divi Menu
  • Rename Projects CPT
  • Divi Library Shortcodes
  • Conditional Display

Divi Pixel Modules

Divi Pixel is a premium plugin that comes with some powerful modules that you can use on your website without any coding skills.

Accordion ImageBlog SliderCarousel
CounterFAQHover Box
Image BoxLottie IconPrice List
Star RatingTilt ImageInfo Circle for Divi
BalloonBreadcrumbsContent Toggle
Dual HeadingFlip BoxImage Hotspot
Image ShowcaseMasonry GalleryReading Progress Bar
SVG AnimatorTimelineAdvanced Tabs
Before and AfterGrid ButtonCountdown
Fancy TextFloating ImagesImage Magnifier
Image SliderPanoramaScroll Image
Testimonial SliderTyping Text

Divi Plus

divi plus

Divi Plus is a Divi custom modules plugin developed by Divi Extended. If you’re looking for a plugin that includes not only the modules but also various prebuilt website sections then you can give Divi Plus a try.

This excellent plugin has over 50+ Divi custom modules that extend Divi Page Builder functionality and make the building website process faster and easier. The modules allow users to create a custom website easily and without writing any code.

Divi Plus Plugin includes custom Divi modules for various different website needs. Want to display WooCommerce products on a slider?  The Divi Plus WooCommerce Carousel module will allow you to display WooCommerce products on a slider and in Carousels. Display Products in Masonry or Grid Format.

It has been used by more than 75,000+ web professionals making it one of the best-selling Divi Plugins. It is also one of the best-selling Divi custom modules plugins and it is also recommended by Elegant Themes.

Divi Plus also comes with 34 prebuilt websites/Divi child themes and also 30+ starter homepage layouts for various types of websites.

250+ Section Block

Divi Plus also includes 250+ pre-made section blocks. These blocks are beautiful and professionally designed. Just import them to your website. The pre-built section includes Hero Sections for your homepage/landing page, about section, testimonials section, different blog layouts, contact, call to action, etc.

4 Divi Extensions

  • Element Scheduler
  • Visibility Manager Extension
  • Divi Particles Background Extension
  • Divi Library Shortcode Extension

50+ Divi Custom Modules In Divi Plus Plugin

Divi Plus is an excellent plugin that will enhance the functionality of your Divi Builder. Build amazing websites using these awesome modules present in Divi Plus.

Products Carousel for WooCommerceProducts Grid for WooCommerceProducts Categories for WooCommerce
Interactive Image CardModal PopupContent Toggle
TimelineLive SearchText Highlighter
Blog SliderBlog TimelineDivi Vertical Tabs + Horizontal Tabs
Masonry GalleryImage AccordionImage Mask
Image Card CarouselImage MagnifierBefore After Image Comparison Slider
Lottie AnimationFloating ImagesScroll Image Module
Bar Counter ModuleTilt Image ModuleTeam Slider
Advanced Divi Buttons: (Dual Buttons, Marketing Buttons, Conversion Buttons)BreadcrumbsGradient Text
Image Text MaskText AnimatorTyping Effect
Star RatingSeparatorShadow Separator
Flip Box (Standard and 3D flip box in one module)Fancy HeadingBusiness Hours
Price ListCaldera and Contact Form 7 StylerFAQs Page Schema
HowTo SchemaTestimonial GridTestimonial Slider
Facebook Comments ModuleTwitter Embedded TweetTwitter Timeline
Facebook Like ModuleFacebook Page ModuleFacebook Share Module
Facebook Embedded PostTwitter FollowTwitter Share

Divi Essential

divi essential

Divi Essential is yet another Divi custom modules plugin by Divi Next.

All In One Design Modules To Create The Most Appealing Websites Using Divi Builder

-Divi Next

The Divi Essential Plugin is a set of starter templates and Divi modules that will speed up the process of building stunning, useful websites. You’ll get access to all of the Divi starter templates and modules with this plugin, along with extra resources and tools to help you create even better websites.

In addition to giving you a personalised Divi module, Divi Essential also comes with 600+ predefined section blocks.

It includes 60+ custom Divi modules as well as 600+ pre-made Section Blocks. One of the most popular Divi Plugins, it has more than 50,000 downloads.

Custom Divi Modules Present in Divi Essential

Creative Modules

Floating ElementDivi TimelineBusiness Hour
Promo BoxStep FlowLottie
HotspotContent Toggle

Slider Modules

Logo CarouselCarousel3D Cube Slider
Gallery SliderTestimonial Carousel

Image Modules

Image MagnifierAccordion ImageBefore and After
Masonry ImageMega Image EffectUltimate Image Effect
Circular Image EffectMinimal Image Hover EffectImage Hover Box Effect
Image Icon EffectImage Scroll EffectImage Reveal

Content Modules

Flip Box3D Cube Slider3D Flip Box
Text-color MotionText DividerText Highlight
Hover HighlightGlitch TextText Mask
Text Stroke MotionText Tilt EffectNext Stroke
Gradient TextText AnimationNext Blurb
Feature listDual ButtonDivi Button

Team Modules

Team Member OverlayTeam Social RevealNext Person
Team Overlay CardCreative Team

Social Modules

Facebook ShareFacebook likeFacebook Embedded Video
Facebook CommentTwitter TimelineFacebook Page
Embedded CommentFacebook Embedded PostTwitter Follow
Twitter ButtonTwitter Tweet

Review Modules

RatingReviewTestimonial Carousel



DiviFlash is a plugin that enhances the functionality of the Divi theme. Users are given access to extra modules, pre-made layouts, sections, and extensions that may be utilized to improve the look and feel of a website created using the Divi theme. The following are just a few of the capabilities this plugin provides:

Modules: 40+ unique modules Animated Heading, Flipbox, and Image Accordion are just a few of the numerous DiviFlash modules that may be used to give your website extra functionality.

Premade layouts: To quickly and easily construct pages with a professional appearance on your website, you can import a choice of premade layouts from this plugin into your website.

Sections: DiviFlash has a variety of customizable sections that may be utilized to give your website structure and organization.

Extensions: The plugin also comes with a number of add-ons that you can install to give your website new features like a menu customiser, Divi shortcodes, ACF field support, and File format support

In conclusion, DiviFlash is a strong plugin that may help you in upgrading your Divi-built website by offering a variety of modules, layouts, sections, and extensions. It’s a fantastic tool for people who wish to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of their website.

DiviFlash Modules

Below is the list of various Divi Modules present in DiviFlash:

Advanced Divi Blurb ModuleAdvanced Heading ModuleAdvanced Divi Person Module
Table ModuleAdvanced Divi Tabs ModuleBusiness Hours Module
Dual Button ModuleImage Masking ModuleAnimated Heading Module
Before After Slider ModuleFlipbox ModuleFloating Multi-Image Module
Hover Box ModuleImage Hover Box ModuleImage Accordion Module
Tilt Card ModuleAdvanced Image Gallery ModuleJustified Image Gallery Module
Packery Image Gallery ModuleContent Carousel ModuleImage Carousel Module
Logo Carousel ModuleTestimonial Carousel ModuleBlog Carousel Module
Instagram Carousel ModuleBlog Grid ModuleCustom Post Types Grid Module
Product Grid ModuleInstagram Gallery ModuleWP Form Styler Module


Last but not least, Divi Custom Modules plugins offer a convenient way to improve the functionality of your Divi site. Depending on your needs, these plugins are a great way to enhance existing functionality or add new ones. If you’re seeking for ways to modify and personalize your Divi website, have a look at these Divi Custom Modules plugins.

Any of the plugins listed above are available for selection. The aforementioned plugins are some of the best-selling plugins and have excellent user reviews. Select plugins based on your needs.






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