6 awesome ways to make money with divi theme

7 Awesome Ways to Make Money with Divi Theme

Divi is one of the most widely used WordPress Premium themes. It empowers more than 800,000+ websites on the internet.

If you have been a user of the Divi theme and are looking for ways to make money with Divi then this is a good time to do that. There is a very big Divi community out there looking for products, training, and services. If you know how to use Divi then you can make money with Divi Theme.

Below are 7 ways that you can use to earn money using Divi.

These methods are not get-rich-quick schemes. But there are people out there earning money through Divi. So, I will tell you the way they are doing it.

Remember, Divi theme is a niche market. So it will take some time and patience before you can actually make some real money. But it also depends on how you can monetize your service and products.

7 Ways to Make Money with Divi Theme

Below are the 7 methods in no particular order. So please choose whatever fits you.

Sell Divi Child themes/Layout

Divi users are always looking for new designs on the marketplace that they can use for themselves. People also look into the marketplace to purchase a layout to build a website for their clients. If you have an understanding of design, if you can build that design using a Divi theme then you can make money with Divi by selling the layouts.

  • Sell on the Divi Marketplaces to make money with Divi templates– There are various websites like Divicake.com, Divi Lover, Mark Hendriksen, etc. that sell Divi child themes and layouts. In fact, Elegant Theme itself has a marketplace to sell Divi layouts and Divi Child themes. Divicake.com and Elegantthemes.com are the two popular marketplaces where you can sell your Divi layouts and child themes. You can apply to their marketplace and start selling.
  • Sell through your own websites– If possible, build a website for yourself and sell on your website. This way you don’t have to pay the commission also. The challenge here is that it takes some time to grow your website. The above websites have been on the market and have a user base so that gives them the edge over starting from scratch.
  • Reserach others websites- If you want to sell Divi products on your website and make money with Divi theme then study people who have done it. Some of the famous names are Divi Lover, Mark Hendriksen, BeSuperfly, etc.

If possible go for Divi child themes as there is a cutthroat competition for Divi Layouts. Many websites and even Elegant theme itself give out free layouts to their members. Divi child themes have low competition compared to layouts. But you can choose to do whatever suits you.

If you can build many layouts and child themes then there is a higher chance of making money with Divi.

Sell Divi Plugins

Plugins are always hot in the WordPress market and Divi isn’t the exception. Plugins sell like crazy. If you are great at programming and have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP then you can make money with Divi plugins.

Divi plugins offer extra functionality to Divi Builder. Although you can design most of the things in Divi, there are people who aren’t familiar with coding and markup languages, they find it difficult to gain that extra functionality on their website. This is where you can build a plugin and solve their problems.

Just like layouts and child themes, you can sell plugins on the Divi marketplace- Elegantthemes.com and divicake.com. And also you can set up your own website and make money with Divi plugins.

Check out these plugins on the Elegantthemes marketplace-

  • Divi Supreme Pro– It adds the extra functionality to the already existing Divi Page Builder. There are 50+ extra modules that you can use to design website without even having any knowledge of coding.
  • Divi Carousel Maker– It is another amazing carousel plugin for Divi. Over 50+ carousel styling and settings available.
  • Divi Image Hover– This plugin comes with various hover styling.

These are some of the examples of awesome plugins that are on the marketplace.

Use the above examples as your inspiration and then start brainstorming on how you can add value to an existing Divi Page Builder or Divi Modules.

Become a Freelancer

Another way to make money with Divi is to become a freelancer and build websites for your clients.

There are people who need web designers to build their websites. People who have businesses are very busy to learn web design. Even if they know how to build, they don’t have time for it. So, this is where you come into the picture. You can find such people in your localities. You can find them online on social media groups or pages and help them build a website.

There are freelance marketplace websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.com where you can post your gigs, place your bids to find a client. Although these are a very crowded marketplace, you can give it a shot on these websites.

You can also do the Divi Troubleshooting for other people.

If you can find clients or have a network that you can use to your advantage then freelancing is one of the best ways for you to make money.

Start an e-commerce website of your own

E-commerce is another great way to make money with Divi.

You can sell your products online through e-commerce. With Divi and WooCommerce integration, you can easily start an e-commerce store and set up an online shop for yourself.

You don’t have to always rely on big brands like Amazon to sell your products. If you can build your websites, market your store then you can earn more compared to if you were on Amazon. Amazon is very competitive. Starting your own store is much more profitable to sell products.

Although, in the beginning, there will be challenges growing your websites. But it will be worth it in the end.

There are various Divi templates/child themes that you can purchase from the Elegant Theme Marketplace to get started.

Sell Courses

Education has always been a booming industry. Online courses have become very popular since lockdown. More and more people are purchasing courses, learning new things on the internet.

Online courses were doing great before lockdown also. But during the lockdown, there has been a massive surge in the online education sector. Even people who were skeptical about online courses, or someone who never had time to learn something purchased a course.

Selling courses is one of the best ways to make money with Divi.

So if you know something then you can sell your courses online. Either build your own websites using Divi theme or sell them through other education platforms like Udemy or Skillshare, etc.

Teach them whatever you know. You don’t have to be an expert to start teaching. You can teach them whatever you know.

If you have gone beyond the beginner stage then you can teach others the beginner stuff. You don’t always have to be an expert at something. Just some knowledge in a field and start from there and begin your journey.

For example- if you know the basics of HTML and CSS then teach them the basics of HTML and CSS. You can learn the advanced stuff and then teach them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also one of the best ways to make money with the Divi theme. There are people earning thousands of dollars every year through affiliate marketing.

You can become an affiliate of the Divi theme itself. Elegantthemes pays you 50% on every sale that you generate for them. It is actually one of the best themes out in the market, so if you like this idea then you can give it a shot.

You can promote other’s products on your Divi website and earn commissions. There are various websites out there that have affiliate programs. Just signup on them and start selling. Divi template sellers like Mark Hendriksen, BeSuperfly, etc also have their own affiliate programs.

I am also affiliated with Elegantthemes and Divicake. If you purchase the Divi theme from my link then I will earn commission from them. You won’t be charged anything extra for purchasing from my link.

Build an affiliate website and begin recommending products to your customers. For every sale you earn commissions.

Build an audience for your own blog

If you have an itch for writing then you can start your own blog. This is one of the long term ways to make money with Divi

You can generate traffic then monetize those traffic. There are various bloggers earning hundreds of thousands of dollars through their blogs.

You can start a blog on Divi theme, how-to for Divi, Divi templates, Divi tutorials, etc. The best part about starting the blog is that you can do all of the above things combined.

With blogs, you can do affiliate marketing. If you gather enough audience on your blog then you can sell your own Divi templates, layouts, child themes, and layouts on your own websites.  Everybody who sells Divi products has a blog section on their website.  Even Elegantthemes has its own blog.

The blog is a great way to attract clients and build trust. It makes other people believe that you have enough knowledge about what you’re doing.

Most of the websites on the internet that you see or small businesses you see on the internet have a blog of their own.

If you have knowledge about something then you can start your own blog. You can be a lifestyle blogger, fitness and nutrition blogger, web design blogger, etc.


These are all the 7 ways to make money with Divi. The above methods work when you work. There is no short cut so if you are serious about it then you have to put in the work. Some will take longer than others. For example- if you can get freelancing clients faster then you will get paid as soon as you finish the project in most cases.

For affiliate marketing, you need to wait for at least one month even if you have generated sales for someone. But all of these methods work and people are earning through them.

If possible, combine 2-3 to make more money.

Have you tried any of the above 7 ways to make money with Divi?






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